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    Default Quebec bill would force ISPs to block online gambling sites

    Critics say the Internet-censoring legislation — unprecedented in Canada — is a way for Quebec's state-owned gambling authority to block competition and could lead to governments across the country deciding what citizens can and can’t view online.
    Yeah, not good, for online gambling and the world in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Buzz View Post
    Yeah, not good, for online gambling and the world in general.
    What a poorly disguised attempt to further monopolize gambling in Quebec. This isn't about a "risk to the population", it is clearly about the fact that "Quebec’s government-run gambling authority, Loto-Quebec, has been losing money to online gaming competitors". So rather than step up their game in a market where competition is (and should be) fierce the government thinks they can just put up a wall and like magic gambling revenues will improve? Get real.

    This is going to do nothing but make players find alternative ways to access their favorite games and casinos (VPN anyone?) while increasing the operating costs of the ISPs that would be "policing" the Internet. And that's if the bill overcomes what will surely be fierce opposition.

    This is Canada - let adults make their own choices. If you want players to choose Loto-Quebec try offering better games and payout rates that at least put you on-par with your competition. Don't hide behind these silly bills and expect fear mongering to work. We're smarter than that

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    What a ridiculous notion.

    The irony is there is a gambling jurisdiction in Kahnawake.

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