Hey all,

Here is your chance to give your Red Flush commissions a HUGE boost!

Check out the new slot called MySlot, players are actually able to customise this slot game with their own photos of loved ones or places they have been which will appear in the lines. Players can also add in their own music to play in the background instead of the default tune. Awesome.

And, if that wasnt too impressive, the player can also change the color/colour theme of this slot so they enjoy their 4 favorite things while playing.
  1. Pictures of their loved ones
  2. Their favorite tunes
  3. Their favorite colour scheme
Customising the slot is so easy to do and even a child could do it...not that we condone children playing online casinos!

Give me a shout if you want more information on this or if you are yet to sign up to www.redreturns.com, the affiliate program for www.redflush.eu.

Hope to hear from you soon.