This thread is locked, since their is currently no Buffalo Partners personnel currently monitoring this thread. We do not have any more information at this time, but will post updates as soon as we get them.


On behalf of the team that will be operating a newly merged affiliate programme between Referback and Wagershare, we would like to announce the arrival of Buffalo Partners on the 1st August.

Buffalo Partners is a brand new affiliate program that will strive to offer affiliates all the tools they need to be a success, including in-depth reporting, multiple media sources, as well as affiliate managers allocated to your account.

The Referback and Wagershare Terms and Conditions have been replaced with new Buffalo Partners Terms and Conditions intended to retain fair terms and discard unfair ones. In this regard we have taken account of all private and online feedback, and encourage all affiliates to assist us in making sure that we can run a business which creates success for both us and our affiliates.

We emphasise that Wagershare is not taking over Referback and that a new affiliate programme, Buffalo Partners, is being created. All affected affiliates will be provided with a launch date and updated Terms and Conditions, which we feel will be commercially fair for you and us. An email will be sent explaining the easy merge process should you have accounts with both Referback and Wagershare.

Significantly Buffalo Partners will give every affiliate the opportunity to market considerably more Microgaming sites and, thereby, earn more revenue.