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    Default Referspot do not answer emails

    I am owed 339.79 in commission from april by referspot.
    My stats for the month are showing that this has been
    paid although i have never received this.

    I have sent support and finance emails at referspot more
    than 10 in total which they have not bothered to answer.

    why i do not know.

    a copy of my commission statement is posted on CAP.

    Be warned.

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    Both at CAP, and it will be the same case here I am sure, you have been told that this is NOT the norm for Referspot. A number of people have forwarded copies of your posts to Referspot, only in the last day or so if I recall correctly. There are people who totally believe that you will be paid and that Referspot have integrity.

    Come on, calm down, finding a casino group where so many webmasters jump to their support is fairly rare. There must simply be a misunderstanding or other error here.
    Have a wonderful day

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    I totally agree with Brian.

    Referspot has shown itself to be very honest in their dealings with affiliates, and I do not recall of any cases where issues have gone unresolved.

    There may be many different reasons why your emails may go unanswered, the most common is that they may not be recieving them.

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