Hi, all. I signed up for google news alerts as it happens with anything concerning online casinos. Here is a link you may want to check out. It is concerning whether online gambling in the u.s may be banned or regulated. I don't like the thought of it being banned or regulated, but at least citizens in the u.s would be able to gamble some if it was only regulated and not banned.
I got it from a google news alert.


If you would like to sign up for the google news alerts concerning online casinos, just go here:


and type in online casinos and choose how often you want the alerts, you can choose as it happens, daily, or weekly and submit your e mail address. You will get a confirmation link in your e mail and you can cancel any time by clicking the link given in each e mail alert.

Hopefully they will just try to regulate it, I'm crossing my fingers & toes.

Here is a great forum that you may want to check out.


Be sure to visit ask aunt flabby while you're there it's really funny.

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