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    Default Republican platform wants to prohibit online gambling

    It's one thing to oppose online gambling. It's another thing to stick it in your political platform. But that's exactly what the Republican party did this week in Tampa. It's a shame they didn't listen to Ron Paul....

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    Obama pldege to cut the deficite in half to lol, I dont see either one happening.
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    I had a feeling this would happen!

    I was just talking about this with JTodd and Vin our conference all last week. I said there was no way Mitt would ever sign a gambling bill. This should not be a shock, it was the Republicans that slithered UIGEA through in the first place.

    Quote Originally Posted by allfreechips View Post
    Obama pldege to cut the deficite in half to lol, I dont see either one happening.
    Very true, online gambling tax revenues would help.

    Bottom line, the states are taking the lead and our politicians will continue to pander to special interests ($) instead of tackling the real issues. It's time to have term limits for congress...
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    Term limits won't help.

    The only thing IMO that will help is to take the money out of politics. Public Financing of campaigns would fix most of the problems in our system.

    But the super rich and people in power will never give up the political power all this money gives them without a fight.

    Even the lame stream media is all about keeping all this money in politics... after all who gets all those BILLIONS of dollars in Political Campaign money in the end... It's the lame stream media companies.. you know the guys that tell you the "News" and help to form your political opinions in the first place.

    America land of Propaganda... and lower Educational Standards and **** Poor Health Care and crooked Politicians.

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