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    Default Revenue

    Correct me if I am wrong but don't we earn commission on the commission the players pay for winning bets?
    If this is correct how can revenue go down during the month?

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    Hi thebookiesoffers, thanks for your question.

    Yes you are correct, WBX earns from the commission paid by Members when they win. Then we pay our affiliates 50% revenue share from the amount earned through their referrals.

    WBX does not charge affiliates with regards to chargebacks from their referrals, or impose any fees during monthly payments.

    Your earnings can be reduced during the month through free bet deductions.

    I should point out that when your referral wins on their free bets this will earn money for you because of the commission generated on the winnings. It is only through losing free bets that there may be any negative revenue.

    For example if the revenue from your referrals is 300, then your earnings on 50% revenue share will be 150. If one of your referrals then uses a free bet in the amount of 10 and loses, the revenue will be 290 and your earnings on 50% revenue share will be 145.

    In the off chance that your revenue ends the month in a negative, this amount will not be carried forward and you will start the following month with a clean slate, as we have a no negative carryover policy.

    I hope my answer helps, if there is anything else I can do to assist please let me know.

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