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Thread: Roxy spam issue

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    Default Roxy spam issue

    Hello Roxyaffiliates,

    it would be nice if this could be stopped:

    I have never dealt with me so intensely with spam. But today, tragedy struck. Ironically, Roxy, I thought at first. When I researched and found Ibexnetwork behind it I was speechless.

    Anyway: The Internet is not above the law and no free ticket for fool freedom!


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    The responses to the above post have been moved to the following forum thread:

    Roxy / Ibexnetwork: Spam? Enough already!

    This is the same thread that Roulette Zeitung referenced in the first post above, and we have decided it is appropriate to place all of the responses related to the referenced thread within it.

    The posts moved from this thread comprise posts 8 to 12 in that thread.

    However, in this thread I believe it is appropriate to post the following quote from that thread so that everyone knows that Roulette Zeitung views he has received a very professional response from Roxy:

    Quote Originally Posted by Roulette Zeitung View Post
    i received a PM from Robert from Roxy Affiliates. Very professional and decent, because Roxy, innocent of the spam, takes the time for a personal response.

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