I get alot of casino spam (too much to mention), this in particular just got under my skin because it was sent through the contact form on my affiliate programs site, where stated right above the form is:

All affiliate program submissions will be discarded.

It appears the name or domain of my site is supposed to appear through this "personal" email, but obviously that didn't work too well for them either, along with their ability to read! There's actually a space between the words "the website" where it's supposed to be included.

And since the entire site is about affiliate programs, explaining what one is to me sure made a difference huh?

To: xxxxxx @ affdirectory.com
Subject: Daniel
From: affiliates @ royalearnings.com

Dear Webmaster of the website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new affiliate program, Royal Earnings.com

Royal Earnings is the most exciting Casino Affiliate program on the Net and is committed to provide Webmasters the opportunity to earn thousands of Dollars from the players they send us.

We visited the website and know that you will benefit from promoting our clients on your site.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate program is an agreement between an online merchant, Royal Earnings and the online merchant's online casino clients, Grand Royal Casino & Winners' Playground.

Webmasters can earn commission for the "sales" they transmit by sending traffic to our clients through links or banners on their website/s. The best part is that you earn money for the lifetime of the player!


You can earn more than US$10,000 per month just by placing us on your website. Read more about commissions here: http//www.royalearnings.com/how.asp

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Winners' Playground will be managed by the same team and is due for re-launch the first few weeks in October. We will keep you informed on the progress with Winners' Playground.

We strive to establish quality customer relationships and ensure satisfaction.

Contact us now at affiliates @r oyalearnings.com with any question or comments you may have, anytime!

Royal Earnings - Elevating earnings to a Royal level

www royalearnings.com
Winners' Playground will be managed by the same team and is due for re-launch the first few weeks in October.
Well, hmmm, how many weeks are there in the beginning of October? And since October is nearly over, it's time to update your spam mail, spammer!

They may actually be placed on my site, just not in the way they prefer.