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    Default RTG Account Balances

    Does anyone know how to find your actual balance with RTG software? There are various reports but which one is the actual balance due? Would think ledger but .....

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    If you are talking about the stock rtg software the affiliate ledger report is the one that usually fits that need.

    That one is usually under "see more" under the reports.

    You can also do the historical earnings summary, just start that report on the month you had the last known payment. Example if you were paid say February for earnings up until the end of January, then starting in February until this month should do the trick.

    And not counting any current earnings for the month you are in, it should match the ledger report.

    If something doesn't seem right, depending on who it is check with the management there, it could be a big winner or loss could be in the banned/unbanned or being held for verification or something.


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