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    Default Search Engine Database

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    Database of and advertisers/bidders on sale!
    Our company has accumulated email addresses of 2/3 of all companies
    advertising/bidding on pay-per-click search engines and This email database is on sale now!
    If you are targeting the B2B sector, then our email database will
    enable you to offer your products/services to Internet's business
    elite. Companies advertising/bidding on goClick & 7Search belong
    to the most successful in e-commerce - they invest much in advertising
    (according to the last goClick press-release, an average bid/click-through
    costs $0.16 to an advertiser) and, thus, are perfect to make business with.
    For each company (total of 18,400 companies on the database) the
    information includes: an email address and the company's URL. The data
    was collected in the period of September 11-18, 2003 and will be updated
    every 3 months ($50/update).
    The database will be provided in any format of your choice (Excel, ASCII,
    CSV, etc.; by default - ZIPped TXT file) for the price of $180. Purchasing
    it once you are free to use it as many times as necessary.
    To order the database please click the link below and select the 'goClick
    & 7Search Data' product:

    To contact me, please email to, but DO NOT REPLY
    TO THIS MESSAGE. Please notice that besides the specified database our
    company maintains a variety of other B2B email lists which contain data
    on advertisers (over 84,000) of other pay-per-click search engines.

    Thank you for your attention!
    Jennifer Thompson |, Inc.
    Randall Ashby (Randy)

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    Tom Orel
    Letalovo str. 12-3
    Helsinki, 129878


    Administrative Contact -
    Tom Orel -
    Tom Orel
    Letalovo str. 12-3
    Helsinki, 129878
    Phone - 4811871840
    Fax -
    Technical Contact -
    Eugene Magdesiev -
    JSL Technologies
    Dubosekovskaya st. 5/6, office 350
    Moscow, Moscow 125080
    Phone - +7 095 7300183
    Fax -

    Record updated date - 2003-08-01 13:29:03
    Record created date - 2003-07-21
    Record expiring on - 2004-07-21
    Database last updated on - 2003-09-25 20:10:24 EST

    Domain servers in listed order:


    Randy, if you write them to request removal, I suggest you cc the tech and admin contact and if either of them bounce file a report with internic for invalid info.

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