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Command your crew to victory with this all-time favourite strategy game. Battleship - Search & Destroy™ delivers a boatload of excitement, featuring 25 paylines, stacks of three Wild symbols on every reel, and TWO exciting bonus rounds! Line up Stacked Wilds® on the reels to trigger a huge number of simultaneous wins and some amazingly big payouts -- up to 125,000 credits at max bet!

Battleship - Search & Destroy™ introduces an innovative game play feature allowing players to CHOOSE between two entertaining and lucrative bonus experiences: one that benefits from Battleship strategy and another that works well for novice and expert players.

Engage in thrilling ship-to-ship combat in the Winning Encounter™ Bonus and earn up to a 5x multiplier! Spin free until you sink the enemy ship, the enemy sinks you, or you have spun 100 times. A single payline win could pay you up to 25,000 credits at max bet!

OR, stage a daring sneak attack on a fleet of enemy ships in the Sink the Fleet™ Bonus. Strategically fire at the enemy fleet hidden on the grid. Win over 16,000 credits at max bet if you sink the entire fleet.

Game spec

• Based on the popular strategy game
• 3x5 Multi-Line/Multi-Coin Slot Game
• 25 Paylines
• 5-Credits Per Line
• 125-Credit Maximum Bet
• Stacked Wilds® on Every Reel
• Win up to a 5x multiplier in the Winning Encounter™ Free Spins Bonus
• Stage a daring sneak attack on the enemy fleet in the Sink the Fleet™ Bonus
• CHOOSE between two bonus rounds

Sink the Fleet™ Bonus

• Stage a daring sneak attack on the enemy fleet
• Strategically fire at the five ships hidden somewhere on an 8x8 grid
• Sink the entire fleet with less than eight misses and win over 16,000 credits
• Apply your favourite Battleship strategies to maximize your reward

Winning Encounter™ Free Spins Bonus

• Experience the thrill of ship-to-ship combat
• Spin free until you sink the enemy ship or the enemy ship sinks you!
• Watch your multiplier grow up from 1x to 5x for each hit on the enemy
• Win up to 100 Free Spin maximum

Top Award

• Players can win a maximum of 250,000 currency units for a single bet. This maximum applies to a single spin of the base game as well as the cumulative total of all wins in the base game and the Free Spins bonus.

Coin denominations

• GBP: 2p / 5p / 10p / 20p / 50p / £1 / £5
• EURO: 5c / 10c / 20c / 50c / €1 / €5
• USD: 5¢ / 10¢ / 25¢ / 50¢ / $1 / $5