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    Default Several question

    I have several question regarding to affiliate programs:

    1. Freebets and first deposit bonuses- are stable, and standard for new affiliates, how often bookmakers change bonuses?
    2. How bookmakers communicate affiliates, bonus changes?
    3. What conditions should affiliate fulfill? Of course, besides website
    4. How usually bookmaker makes money transfer, resulting of affiliate commission?
    5. How long I must wait for verification, before I will be affiliate?
    6. Can I register as affiliate, before my website will be ready?
    7. Which practice are acceptable, and which are unacceptable?
    8. How often bookmakers change bonus related with first deposit payment?

    Questions are general

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    1. Any time they feel like it with some operators.

    2. Usually they will send out an email, and the more active ones will make a post here at the GPWA informing hundreds of affiliates at once instead of answering the same question in email 148 times.

    3. That is more depending on your own preference and level of expertise or understanding. Some do nothing more then an ad and some text, others provide comprehensive reviews and more information.

    4. That depends on the operator, some pay by bank wore, others by ewallet, bitcoin, check mailed

    5. That depends on the operator, some approve immediately, others take longer.

    6. Depends on the operator, some allow advance signup, some want to review your site.

    7. Depending on the operator, each one will have a defined set Terms of Service.

    8. Asked and answered in question #1


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