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    Default Is a SHAREHOLDER a GAMBLER ??


    Reading about Forex in the GPWA ... I would like to share my thoughts and see what you think about this?

    I haven't any experiences playing or promoting Forex.
    But I think it's interesting that Forex is part of Gambling.

    And what It tells us: If Forex is Gambling...all currency exchange markets are "gambling" markets. People who invest into shares of a company - actually they gamble. Shareholders are Gamblers.

    And this is good so. Because it makes us realize that we all gamble ... while we open an bank account for instant.

    Its just not fair that more entertaining gambling sectors don't receive the same recognition as the f.e. the shareholder-market or exchange-market.

    This all is gambling, so let poker/casino/bingo be part of that.

    What justifies the special treatment the gaming sector receives?
    What do you think about this?
    Am I wrong?

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    It's all about what's regarded as socially acceptable at the end of the day.

    EG: If I tell my mum I play poker online she's like "oh that sounds like fun". If I say I'm playing slots she's like "are you sure thats wise".

    EG: If I said I spend all afternoon buyimg and selling shares she'd say "oh got any tips?" If I said I spent all afternoon studying the form card at the dog track she'd say "I didn't bring you up to gamble your life away".

    But 5 years ago saying I layed Poker would probably have elicited the "gamble your life away" response, so things are constantly changing.

    But yeah - buying shares is gambling of course. As is buying a lottery ticket which socially acceptable as a result of the authorities deciding it is an ideal way to derive tax revenue.

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    The Richest people gamble with investments buy and sell shares... trying to double their millions...

    Not so rich people gamble at tables or slots in casino or online... trying their luck to be millionaires some day..

    With both there is risk to lose money... at the tables you manage your investment... with stock market you let others manage your investment...

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    Speculate on currencies, commodities, or shares is not gambling.

    Unless it is a gambling site under the cover of forex as this site is.

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    While people may gamble when they invest, the stock, commodities, currency and options markets are different than casino gambling. There is no definition of what outcome constitutes a win or loss, there is no defined time (besides contract expirations) as to when the outcome will be decided. Markets are different from games of chance no matter what strategies, if any, the market participants use to "Bet" the market.

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    I think the entire "stock market" lost it's fundamentals decades ago. You can see that when the Price per earnings are multiples in excess of 100's then you know that you will never make money as owing a share of the company, only if the speculation or fear profits you.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the fortitude to trade stocks. I tend to buy high and sell low. I know I would be the same with forex.

    So, yea I do think that buying and selling share is like gambling. The real winners are those who get the news before the common share holder like myself freaks out and sells the shares. lol

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