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    Default Site content thief + logos

    So i previously owned - got rid of it because of UK laws. Simply had no time for it. However the content is scraped ad used on other sites.

    Now as you can see this guy copied the code: he has the code since 2017 - hxxps:// (css and php files) - and if you look at the .com you will see that it looks similar. So basically and .com were sister sites therefore they looked similar in terms of everything.

    I ask all further affiliate programs that will be listed there to block/suspend his account. This is not the way to do business and steal the work of others. Anyway I am already in process of forcing him to delete what is mine and build his own thing.

    What do you think guys? Do you agree with someone that is using your own content/logos ? let me know... I am actually gonna put the exact clone online very soon and see how he will rank, heck i will put 10 ... and report him to google as well.
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    Thanks for the report

    I will obfuscate the url for now, no need to give a back link for the report.


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