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    Default Site with WordPress engine

    Good afternoon dear forum users.
    Tell me how do you like WordPress in general. And how much you would advise to do their site. Maybe there are some alternatives.

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    While I think that hands down html sites are the fastest sites, wordpress does in fact allow more people to get sites up and running with less "coding" knowledge, with more features, at a faster pace then building html sites with the same feature sets.

    One big feature that surrounds wp development speed also centers around the huge availability of mobile friendly themes for wp, whereas this is slightly lacking in html template development.

    The main problem is, so many unknowing and unsuspecting people will put up sites with poor security, and load them down with plugins, often not researching them thoroughly and often even put up multiple plugin with overlapping features, causing huge slowdowns and even more security vulnerabilities.

    As for "other cms" engines, there are very few that come close to the amount of plugins that offer the features, and certainly none that have the support system that has been built around servicing the wordpress market.


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    If you dont have the experience and you are newbie making websites. I would advice you to use Wordpress for your website. At the moment it has the most extensive plugins, support etc available for creating and managing websites. There are alternatives but this is the easiest way to go. Wordpress is also GNU.

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    Wordpress is good for:
    - Themes available (not that many iGaming themes)
    - Plugins available
    - It's community - in most of the cases if you have a problem, you will find a solution for it.
    - Easy to use. Most of the copywritters/content managers will know how to use it without onboarding needed.
    - Easy to extend.

    The speed issues (and how to resolve):
    - If you are setting up your site by yourself (not hiring a company), be careful when adding plugins or activating themes.
    - Check your speed score after each plugin you add and after the initial theme installation. The less plugins you have - the better.
    - Plugins like WP Rocket can help you optimize stuff front-end wise (minimize JS, CSS, html), add proper header expiring tags, etc.
    - Use plugins for image optimization and convert images to webp
    - Use CDN (clodflare).
    - If possible - enable server-side cache.

    - Use Wordfence plugin and daily scans/checks.
    - Use latest versions of plugins/wp core.
    - Use strong passwords.

    Other CMS options:
    I would say use either Wordpress or go with a Custom CMS (which you'll need developers for). Other platforms like Drupal, Typo3, Contenful are still not bad, but far from the needs of an affiliate site.

    Good luck!

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