Since the pandemic put a stop to almost all sports events, I am watching my fairly new site taking a dive in terms of traffic. However, this is a good time to analyse what you can do better and improve. The website is a live score site, with soccer being the only sport at the moment.

Just before the whole madness started in Europe, I wanted to "widgetize" the whole website, so people can use bits and pieces of info in their own websites. I had to suspend all development due to uncertainty/volatility of current events. It was a tough decision, but in these past weeks I was thinking it is (maybe) better to ask the community if such widgets are of any use.

So far, I have live widgets for league standings. I know, the most basic one.

I wanted to ask YOU what type of soccer widgets will be suitable for your needs, if any. I can do any type of widgets (lineups, live matches, video highlights etc).