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    Default SoftSwiss Payments

    A few months I posted a situation with a program and the problem we have getting paid with SoftSwiss programs. Since this post we have discovered a problem with many programs using SoftSwiss and being paid with requiring a deposit. As an affiliate we should not be required to make a deposit.

    Furthermore, SoftSwiss programs appear not to be able to make bank wire transfers and require other payment options. Depending on where an affiliate is located there may be banking restrictions that prevent using other payment options. An easy solution for some could be to transfer the amount to Bitcoin. One program said they could do this but SoftSwiss will charge up to a 20% fee for doing so.

    We work with many Direx N.V. casinos and all of them have paid without requiring a deposit. We have had one program request a deposit however when we explained we know other similar Softswiss programs have paid without requiring it, they got back to us and paid out accordingly.

    Some programs will convert to Bitcoin, no fee so it is difficult to accept that premise that SoftSwiss charges 20%.

    It seems that some programs have different rules (fine) but are quite unwilling to work with affiliates to pay them.

    Seems that only Softswiss program insist a deposit is required. Understand this is the case for players that are withdrawing free money for KYC reasons but we are affiliates, not players. If some programs can pay out through player accounts without a deposit, why can't others.

    SoftSwiss seems to be the most restrictive/inflexible programs. Would really like to know the real facts on payments via SoftSwiss and what really can be accommodated.

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    It depends on the program. It's better to name the program you're talking about.

    I never had any issue with Playamo or Bitstarz and I never made a deposit with them. They're the fastest payers every month.

    But for example, Golden Star gave me really a hard time as they were bothering about me making a deposit. The problem was at that moment that they transferred the money to a player account. Which is not ok, as I am not even allowed to deposit or play at their casino. It could cost me a hefty fine.

    Soft Swiss is a white label with different owners and operations at almost every casino. That might vary from well-funded people knowing what they're doing to the opposite of that.

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    most programs that pay by neteller skrill or similar require a small deposit i.e $5 that you can draw out, and regards to bitcoin.. i have never seen this 20% charge,

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    I don`t see the problem. Just deposit 10 or 20 via Skrill or Neteller or whatever you want to use for cashout and this method will be activated instantly and you can withdraw your deposit and commision right away. I would appreciate that easy going and instant payout from other programs too.

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