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    Question Some insight

    So I'm at the turning point where I need to start looking for better ways to get SERPs. I'm at a loss at this point and seek advice. Here's what I have accomplished.
    - 214 pages of keyword targeted content and growing on this particular site.
    - Submit to dmoz, other free directories (most with no avail) dmoz about 2 years ago.
    - Completely revamped the site to web 2.0
    - This site was created around 2010

    Statistics are around 50-100 visitors a day and since my recent revamp, my bounce rate has been on the decline and is now around 70% and still dropping.

    One of the steps I have been avoiding is a link building campaign, but with so much mixed information I do not know the best way to go about this and I definitely do not want all of my hard work to be discredited due to building in the wrong direction.
    - is there anyway to expedite free directory listings? I was also turned down to be an editor.
    - What incentive do other high ranking casinos have to link to me? Does this come down to monetary means only?
    - How do you base a websites ranking if not on PR anymore?

    Thank in advance for any responses.

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    The main way, in my mind anyhow, to rate a website is by the number of visitors. If my website is getting more visitors I know I am doing something right. As far as the link building, unfortunately you will never get very much traffic if you do not have good links to your website - that is just how it is. Ask around this forum as some members will gladly exchange links and yes then it comes down to money. You do not need to spend a fortune to get a good link but you may need to pull out your checkbook.
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    What you really need to be doing is building your own network of websites, using quality web2 platforms and hosted sites on different hosts and ips. Buy some quality aged domains with pr to start off with, then add other new sites into the mix. You cannot hols back link building because you are scared of your site getting whacked, because if you do not build links, it might as well have been whacked as it is going to go nowhere. Just do not buy stupid SEO gigs where someone is going to throw 1000's of links at your site within a matter of days.

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    link building is the important way to get a more visitors on your blog.

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