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    Default Spam from C-Planet?

    Hi, dose anyone know who these people are, I have been getting hit with

    spam from them for rushmore, cherry red, and slot oasis. also, lucky18

    I don't know if the casino is using them, or it's affiliates. and how did they get my information?

    anyone have any info on this..


    <TABLE class=stok><TBODY><TR><TD class=leftside>Top Bonus

    </TD><TD class=rightside> No label

    <TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD>Rushmore sent it to me on Mar 6, 2009, 8:09 PM</TD></TD><TD class=right>Hide details</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    <TABLE><TBODY><TR><TH>From:</TH><TD>Rushmore <SARAH@EMAILE-ASSIST.COM></TD><TH rowSpan=4>Format:</TH><TD rowSpan=4>HTML
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    </TD></TR><TR><TH>To:</TH><TD></TD></TR><TR><TH>Cc:</TH><TD>---</TD></TR><TR><TH>Bcc:</TH><TD>---</TD></TR><TR><TD class=divider colSpan=4></TD></TR><TR><TH>Replied:</TH><TD>---</TD><TH>Location:</TH><TD>Inbox</TD></TR><TR><TH>Forwarded:</TH><TD>Mar 8, 2009, 6:18 AM</TD><TH>Priority:</TH><TD>Normal</TD></TR><TR><TH>Labels:</TH><TD colSpan=3>no label</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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    We at Rushmore are dedicated to providing a stylish, fair andresponsible entertainment environment.We want you to enjoy the Rushmore experience.We maintain a truly fair, transparent, and secure gaming environmentand build long-lasting relationships with our players. To demonstrateour transparency there is a unique, built-in game and financialhistory feature. Any player can review every wager s/he has everplaced, including the exact date and time, amount wagered, winnings,and detailed game results. The financial transaction history displaysall deposits and withdrawals from the player's account. Both of thesefeatures can be accessed at any time whilst online.Most importantly of all of course is you the client! We at Rushmoreare committed to providing the highest level of customer support thatis available. We have a full team of highly trained, professional andcourteous customer service staff awaiting your enquires.We have a reputation as one of the leaders in the "Responsible Gaming"community. We have installed controls to ensure:- There are no under-18 players- That you can prevent certain members of your family from gambling- There are no illegal players- That our software is fair in the games that we offer- That we follow a Code of Regulations in administering our games<>---You are currently subscribed to playplatinum as: unsubscribe click here: send a blank email toleave-13818449-72752049.c2757a5f03f72f9832bf94da62072400@list.qua delivered by

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    Well, those are affiliate URLs rather than coming from C-Planet themselves. As for where they got your information from - well, there's WhoIs info for your domains for one.

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