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    Default The spamer at


    I have requested removal from this spammer numerous times.

    I have written emails to the webmaster/hostmaster of this domain asking removal numerous times.

    No matter what I do this spammer adds some of my email accounts back into his database over and over and over and sends me spam.

    Viewing the header shows the message ID of
    Message-ID: 1-257002-QbvNmLz9mbpNXYjRDbhNnclZXauVHQkJXYixmcS@mta6.onlin

    The domain in the message id is the same domain that the spam tracking link as well as the fake removal points at and also appears to match the sending mail server.
    Received: from []

    I encourage all casino groups to start taking a much stronger stand against spam, instead of playing the lip service game and only taking action after numerous complaints.

    I can not recall a single instance of a single casino group reminding affiliates that spam will NOT be tolerated in the last few years.

    Sure they have it in their terms, and some of them do take action....but only after geting complaint after complaint.

    Most players do NOT distinguish between mailings from affiliates or the casinos directly.

    If a player gets a spam email promoting Casino A, they associate that casino with spam whether the casino sent the spam or the affiliate sent the spam.

    Most of us know this, and agree, and like I said sopme groups do react....but only after the complaints....I just think more can be done.

    I know....never happen....

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