HI everyone,
I am so happy to be able to introduce the Spinwin Partners Affiliate Program.
Those of you who know me have the insight on how hard I work to get this program up to par and friendly to all affiliates. It’s a new program which promotes a Spinwin.com a casino which has amassed quite a few fans over the last year.
I would very much like to invite everyone to give us a spin, registering through www.spinwinpartners.comIf you are coming through GPWA we have very special offers for all new affiliates. We are offering a top commission for the first 3 months and 10% on top of your revenue when you promote our casino brand!
If you need any help or customized content please do not hesitate to contact me through monica@spinwinpartners.com or my personal skype at “chardonnays” (no mocking the name since I have had it since skype started hehe)
Hope everyone has a rocking New Year and hope to see you all in our Program!
Take care,