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    Default Splitaces + Affvip take a break on new players

    Guys and girls,

    We just received underneath email from our aff manager at Splitaces affiliates

    Serious..... They take a break on new players in march on all brands and geos????????
    So all SEO affiliates have to remove the links from their content and they think we add them again when they are back from their break... This is a laugh man.

    We will put them on our blacklist right now.

    What you guys and girls think of this behaviour? Is this the end of Affvip and Splitaces Affiliates....

    Dear affiliate,

    Please be aware that and casino brands are to take an acquisition break for March 2020 across all GEOs.

    Any new customer that will attempt to join the casinos mentioned will be blocked from 1st March 2020. Any existing players that are tagged to your affiliate account will continue to generate commissions based on your current deal.

    All acquisition campaigns can and should be pushed through brands which are open for acquisition across all GEOs. If you require links for any of the stay lucky partner brands, please contact me directly.

    Also note, in the first week of March a new affiliate program will be launched with 2 new casinos accepting traffic from all GEOs. has already been launched and is in the testing phase and then G-Force casino will be launched later in the month with a completely new mobile-focused product.

    If you have any questions please contact me and I will be able to assist you with any information that you may need.
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    I have no idea about this program, but in theory this can be legit.
    For some - maybe legal reasons - they want to protect old casino. So they make a new one with new program. Same happened with bodog which rebranded in the USA and changed affiliate program as well.
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