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    Default Sports Article - NFL Conference Championships Betting Options

    Hi Affiliates,

    We have just posted a new sports picks article as Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his picks for the NFL Conference Championship games. You can grab a copy of the article with your affiliate links by logging into your affiliate account at and looking under RSS Feeds.

    Here's the article:

    Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his picks for the Conference Championship games.

    At first glance, making Chicago a home underdog at Soldier Field for the first Bears-Packers Championship game in sixty years is insulting to the Bears. Chicago has home field, itís the oldest rivalry in the league and the Bears didnít roll over to have their bellies tickled at Lambeau in the final week of the season.

    But then you look at what the Packers are bringing to the party and you realise you canít back against them. Aaron Rodgers had a performance for the ages against the Falcons and gosh darn it, he was pretty good against the Eagles too. Rodgers can turn broken plays into punishing gains with his mobility like Michael Vick, and he has the passing accuracy and cannon arm to throw the ball into a milk bottle at the far end of the field like Peyton Manning if he has to.

    Jay Cutler mightnít be the Chicago mediaís favorite guy but heís been outstanding for the Bears in the Mike Martz offense. Itís also worth noting that Cutler didnít do any whining when the line couldnít protect him at the start of the season and he was getting battered every week. That stands to a man.

    But despite Cutlerís improvement, itís still easier to trust Rodgers when the heat comes on to protect the football than it is to trust Cutler, and the Packers will bring heat. Itís what they do. Green Bay -3.5 at Chicago with Sports Interaction is the pick for the NFC Championship Game.

    The total for the NFC Championship game is 44, which is a little on the high side for a game in the snow but the Packers havenít lived by the power sweep since the Ďsixties and the Bears have been airing it out since Mike Martz took over as offensive co-ordinator. Iím taking the over on this one.

    Nobody saw the Jets coming last weekend, least of all in New England, but you canít take the Jetsí win away from them. This wasnít a fluke; the Jets set themselves up perfectly to limit where the Patriots were strong and to exploit where the Patriots were weak. It worked a treat, and hats off to Rex Ryan, who put his money where his mouth was.

    However, the Jets will not find it so easy at Heinz Field. While the Patriots game plan is complex, the Steelersí is blissfully simple. They will keep walloping the other team until one or the other is buried into the turf. The Steelers are much more the rapier than the broadsword.

    And that gives the Jets a problem. The Steel Curtain will exert much more pressure on Mark Sanchez than the Patriots were able to muster last week and how Sanchez reacts to that will have a huge impact on the game. Conversely, the Jets have to figure out a way to pressurize Roethlisberger because, even with a porous offensive line, the man seems impervious to either pain or fear. Steelers -3.5 against the New York Jets with Sports Interaction is the pick.

    The total for the Jets at Steelers game is set at 39 but who would really be surprised if this game ended 9-3? Under 39 total points scored in the AFC Championship Game is the final pick of the week.

    If you don't yet have a Sports Interaction affiliate account? Sign up today at

    Best regards,
    Sports Interaction Affiliate Team

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    Go Bears! Go Jets! its not an underdog thing, just happened to be a coincidence!

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    I'm a Packer fan - always have been so i really hope your picks come through! I live in PA so a pack steeler superbowl?? Can you say Par-Tay!
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