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Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his picks for Week 2 of the Preseason.

Road favorites are unusual in preseason, so the line on Washington as a -5.5 favorite at Indianapolis on Friday is something to which we have to pay attention. For lots of reasons.

The Colts are unrecognizable without Peyton Manning of course, and they wonít offer much resistance. But for them to go down by six points at home against a team thatís struggled as much as Washington in recent years Ė well, thatís a stretch.

Rex Grossman put on a performance for the Redskins when they beat Pittsburgh last week, but Grossman doesnít start this weekend. Mike Shanahan has given the nod to John Beck, and the well-informed word is that the job was always Beckís to lose Ė Beck is Shanahanís guy, and Grossman only got the start last week because Beck had a groin injury.

That sounds like the basic ingredients of a quarterback controversy brewing in Washington. These things seldom end happily, and I find it hard to believe the Colts will get turned over in their own house. Colts +5.5 is the pick.

Detroit is a +2.5 underdog at the Browns, which is an interesting line as well. The home team is an automatic -3 favorite in all pre-season games, and that only changes in unusual circumstances, like no Manning for the Colts. So for the Browns to lose a half-point you have to wonder why.

The reason is Ndamukong Suh. Suh will terrorize offenses for as long as heís in the League, and the half-point is an indication of how much Cleveland likes the prospect its quarterback getting zapped by Suh in some preseason game. Not at all. Not McCoy, not Seneca Wallace, not rookies Jarrett Brown or Troy Weatherhead.

My guess is that instructions to all four of them will be to throw the ball to the hotdog vendor rather than give Suh a chance to batter you. In the regular season itís different, of course, but a preseason win is not worth a quarterback. Detroit +2.5 is the pick.

Finally, Buffalo is a four point underdog at Denver. The Broncos are a good bet here. Buffalo isnít very good, while this game is a good chance for the Broncos to give Tim Tebow a few reps and have everybody feel good about the man.

Even though questions remain over Tebowís skill-set for the NFL, nearly everybody likes the guy on a personal level, and setting him lose against the Bills makes everybody happy Ė with the possible exception of Brady Quinn, of course, but you canít please everybody. Denver -4 is the final pick of the week.

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