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We have just posted a new sports picks article as Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his picks for Week 15 of the NFL. You can grab a copy of the article with your affiliate links by logging into your affiliate account at http://www.sportsinteraction.com/affiliate/ and looking under RSS Feeds. Here is the full article:

Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his picks for Week 15 of the NFL.

The hour has come for Jacksonville. The Jaguarsí destiny is in their own hands. If Jacksonville can go to the Colts and win they have AFC South sewn up and are going to the playoffs. If not, you can count on the Colts to seize the momentum, hold the title and condemn Jacksonville to another season of disappointment and wasted opportunity.

Jacksonville hasnít delivered historically when it comes to the big day, and some terrible consistency from David Garrard at quarterback really hasnít helped. The Jaguars donít rely on Garrard as their offense is built on the running game but the Jaguarsí pass defense is weak and Manning knows how to go for the jugular. Garrard may be force to throw and to lead the team from behind, and he has to be able to do that to bring Jacksonville to the next level.

Jacksonville is a +5 underdog because Manning is Manning and Garrard is Garrard but those five points look like value. Itís hard to believe in a straight-up Jacksonville win but Iím not sure Indy can blow the Jags away either Ė Jacksonville +5 at Indianapolis with Sports Interaction is the first pick of the week.

Weather and geography are never to be underestimated in football and the next two games are proof of that. New Orleans has come right back into contention with a seven game winning streak while the Ravens lost to Pittsburgh two weeks ago and needed a pick-six on Monday night to save them against Houston.

That said, the game is in Baltimore and the weather in Maryland in December is as nasty as the notorious Baltimore D. Itís hard to see the Saintsí precision passing game working in the great outdoors, least of all if it rains. Baltimore -1 at home to New Orleans with Sports Interaction is the pick.

Finally, an upset pick based on weather and geography alone, going totally against the formbook. Atlanta has to travel to Seattle this weekend, which is a journey over 2,500 miles and three time zones. The Falcons then have to lay six and a half points against the Seahawks. Six and a half.

Seattle has been a very inconsistent team this year and when the Seahawks get beat they can get hammered. But Qwest Field has always been an awful place to go and play, and Atlanta is long way away from Washington State. The Falcons play indoors in a Dome too. Atlanta to win but not to cover. Seattle +6.5 at home to Atlanta is the third pick of the week.

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