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    Default Sports Article - Super Bowl XLV Betting Options

    Hi Affiliates,

    We have just posted a new sports picks article as Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his picks from the huge amounts of bets available on Super Bowl XLV. You can grab a copy of the article with your affiliate links by logging into your affiliate account at and looking under RSS Feeds.

    Here's the article:

    If you would like to post the article on your site, here is the copy to use:

    Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his picks from the huge amounts of bets available on Super Bowl XLV.

    Green Bay is a -2.5 point favorite to win its fourth Super Bowl on Sunday week in Dallas. That’s a great number. Three is always a tricky number, because of the danger of pushes. 3.5 scares bettors off, but everyone’s got a chance with 2.5.

    Right now, I’m taking my chance with Pittsburgh +2.5. The Steelers are the most under-estimated team of the decade, and Ben Roethlisberger is the most under-estimated quarterback. While the discussions have been about New England as the greatest team and Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and others as the best quarterbacks, Roethlisberger’s won two rings and he’s looking good for a third if things fall Pittsburgh’s way.

    Pittsburgh’s advantage lies in the fact that the Steelers are harder to stop than the Packers. The Packers are an excellent football team and Aaron Rodgers is an elite quarterback but watching that game in Chicago, when the Packers were 14-0 up after a quarter, Green Bay should have had the game wrapped up by half time and had Matt Flynn in mopping up for the second half.

    Instead, the Packers ended relying on their (undeniably outstanding) defense to make two picks from a third string quarterback late in the fourth to put the game on ice. That leaves me wondering.

    Pittsburgh doesn’t run up the scores like Green Bay can. It’s against the Steelers’ nature. But you can be pretty sure that, when the smoke clears after fifty-eight minutes of battle in the trenches, if the Steelers have the ball and seventy yards to go, they’ll get there. Steelers +2.5 with Sports Interaction is the pick.

    The total is set at 44.5, which is one point below the Super Bowl historical average of 45.5. The historical record between Super Bowls going over or under is very tight, with only one game in the difference – 49% went over, 51% under. Five of the last six Super Bowls have gone under, and my dollar says this will be six out of seven. Under 44.5 total points scored in Super Bowl XLV is the bet.

    Finally for this week, MVP. Twenty-three of the forty-four Super Bowl MVPs so far have been quarterbacks, and quarterback is the most important position on any football team. It’s no surprise, then, that Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger are favorites to win the Pete Rozelle Trophy for the Super Bowl MVP. But there’s not much value for that bet, so it’s no harm to look further down the field, where a small bet can win big.

    Seven running backs have won MVP and six wide receivers, but three of those six wide receivers have won in the past six years. That’s a trend. A small bet on the Steelers’ Mike Wallace to win MVP is the third pick of the week.

    Next week, we’ll look at some of the other markets for the Super Bowl and see where we can find some good value bets for the biggest game of the year.

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    Best regards,
    Sports Interaction Affiliate Team
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