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    What do you mean labeled as porn. Is it banned or just put into adult content section?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raphnix View Post
    What do you mean labeled as porn. Is it banned or just put into adult content section?
    Well, it is not banned, however, classsified as adult material.

    This i imagine will stop me getting any results from stumbleupon - especially as i dont even promote that cherry whatever it is poker room

    What annoys me even more is that using the stumbleupon tool bar i get the categories showing up in google and it really winds me up when i see porn next to my listings in the search results - which of course anyone else using the stumbleupon toolbar will also see

    Then, maybe i am just being paranoid, however, when i search it i get better results from inner pages than the home page on google! The inner pages are not classified by stumbleupon so it has me thinking.

    I have tried the stumbleupon option of telling them its not porn but nothing changes.


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    I was using the add this button, but just removed it from all my sites a couple of days ago and deleted my account.

    The IE 8 debugger was showing an active X control with their code and I also noticed this gambling domain x under my acount that was not mine.

    I'm not sure how it got there or if they added add it in.

    perhaps those that use add this should check for this domain.

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