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    Smile Terms: Big Winner Policy

    LV Bet Partners is officially decorated with a pure no negative carryover policy.

    As a fact, there is a big winner exception from that no negative carryover.
    For your information and to prevent any surprises:



    9. Big Winner Policy:

    The Big Winner Policy will come into effect when:

    A player generates a negative Net Revenue balance of €5000 or more, on any product or game. In such a case the player will be considered to be a Big Winner. The aggregate negative Net Revenue for the Affiliate is a greater than €2000 at the end of an open period.

    If both above criteria set are met, the negative Net Revenue generated by the Big Winner will be isolated until the player becomes profitable. All players subject to the Big Winner Policy will be visible to Affiliates in the Customer Reports, within the Affiliate Platform. Such players will be set under a special reward plan, further official notification will be not sent automatically. Any Big Winner Policy balance carried forward will not be set-off against other customers referred by the affiliate. In the period when a Big Winner customer surpasses his negative net revenue, the Affiliate will begin earning commission for that customer again automatically. If there is more than one Big Winner, each Big Winner will carry forward his own negative balance.

    As everyone knows, I have no problem with a negative carryover, but I also stand for full transparency.


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    Default Big Winner Policy - LVBETpartners

    Dear Roulette Zeitung,

    Thank you for your post.

    I remember that we talked about this policy once more in another thread, but it's always good to clarify such important rules With this opportunity, please let me also say a few words to clarify the Big Winner Policy, the T&C can be a bit difficult to understand sometimes as they are written by the legal staff

    So, to make it simpler, we can think that we apply the big Winner policy only if two basic conditions occur:

    i) If the Affiliate has -2000 euro or more negative net revenue
    ii) If any of his/her players have -5000 euro or more negative net revenue.

    * So if an affiliate has -2000 euro or more negative net revenue but if s/he doesn't have any players with -5000 euro or more negative net revenue, this rule is not triggered. Furthermore, his/her negative net revenue will notbe carried over, so if the affiliate creates +1000 total net revenue next month, s/he takes his/her commission without any problem.
    * Similarly, if the affiliate doesn'thave -2000 euro or more negative net revenue, this rule is not applied even if s/he has players with -5000 euro or more negative net revenue.

    What will happen if we apply Big Winner Policy to a player of the affiliate?

    When we determine players meeting bothof these 2 conditions mentioned above, we take him under the coverage of Big Winner Policy. It means we simply isolate him from the Net Revenue of the affiliate until the player turns his/her own negative net revenue into positive one.

    So, as an example, let's say if a player in the Big Winner Policy has -9,000 euro negative net revenue in October and +5,000 euro in November, he'll still have -4,000 euro negative net revenue to cover in December, and his +5,000 net revenue is not included in the total net revenue of the affiliate. On the other hand, if this player goes on creating negative revenue, this wouldn't affect the total net revenue of the affiliate, either. Let's say if the player creates -9,000 euro in October and taken into the Big Winner Policy, if he creates -13,000 euro negative net revenue in November, this will not affect the affiliate's total net revenue. The affiliate can go on creating positive net revenue and get commission without being affected from this player.

    This is the basic and advantageous difference of Big Winner Policy from the Negative Carry Over. As we all know, in the negative carry over, the affiliate cannot create any positive net revenue (and commission) as long as he is carrying negative net revenue from the previous months. But in the Big Winner Policy, as we isolate the player and keep him/her responsible for his/her own negative net revenue, s/he doesn't affect the total net revenue of the affiliate. When this player is taken into the Big Winner Policy, we isolate him/her and in a way we insure the affiliate against this player so the affiliate can go on making positive net revenue (and commission) despite this Big Winner player (with negative net revenue).

    I hope this looong explanation will make it easier to understand.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions you have, I'll be more than happy to answer all questions and to clarify it better.

    Kind regards,

    Isil Serbes
    Affiliate Marketing Manager - International Markets

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