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    Default Is there a way of switching connectivity on and off in an AndroidTestCase?

    I am planning to start writing some android test cases and I would like to know if there is a way of forescout switching connectivity on and off programmatically in the emulator.

    Test: is Message Pushed to Local Storage if Phone is Not Connected to Network:

    Connectivity = off

    Create message

    try push message to webapp

    assert message in local storage

    Connectivity = on
    New to test cases in android so apologies if answer is obvious.

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    I have carefully removed all the html formatting that you used in the above message, you should remove formatting from other apps before posting here at the forum, rather then trying to change the color of every single word in the post. (if you need tips on how to do that let me know)

    As for the question, if I am understanding your question correctly, I think you are asking if the phone is not connected to the network, whether it goes to the providers network, held in storage for the user?

    I would think that with most providers it is, and would be waiting for the end user the next time they connected to the network.

    Interesting question, and if my assumption is incorrect, I would like to know also.


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    Default - too much for me but pist your question there.

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