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    Default Tis the Season! Compliance Documentation Updates

    Seems like the festive season of providing compliance documentation is upon us again.

    Requests for every type of documentation, many of which are not available in many countries or available on the requested documents. Fortunately urine samples are not yet required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokerface View Post
    Fortunately urine samples are not yet required.
    I was thinking exactly this today when I got three more document request emails. They are very rarely tailored to any specific market and often require a load of back and forth emails to work out what they want vs what we have to give them.

    It is particularly annoying when they do this annually, why do you need a copy of my passport every year when it is still in date? Why can't you go check yourselves on companies house to see if there have been any changes to directors or addresses before asking for the same s**t over and over again.

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