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    Default Two Time Lottery Winner

    A Quebec Canada resident has won the lottery twice in nine years. On July 24th he won $1,222,069 playing Crown of Egypt at Lotto-Quebec’s online gambling site. In 2008 he won $1 million playing the lottery, 6/49.

    Chances of winning twice are reported at one in 23,437,500. Pretty amazing luck!

    Read more here:

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    My aunty won lotto 3 times. She also almost got killed by her husband and is still alive somehow (he slit her carotid artery in her sleep and she died 3 times on the way to the hospital - they later found he was schizophrenic).

    Luckiest woman on the planet I think. Her winnings weren't as much as the Canadian in your article. The largest she won was shared between about 40 other people because there were so many winners on one of those "$21m jackpot" nights.
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