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    Default Virus Warning - False Positive

    Anyone using Avast anti-virus will have a virus warning appear while logging in to Income Access today.

    The problem is due to a javascript 'plugindetect' file that loads on the Income Access site, this same javascript file is used on other websites which are currently experiencing the same virus warning. Fortunately Avast have already identified this as a false positive and so there should be no more warnings within 24 hours, although it may take some time for your copy of Avast to update it's anti-virus signatures, until then the warning will continue.

    Just letting you know since I've spent some time researching if the virus warning was accurate, so hopefully my research can save somebody their own time investigating

    False Positive Report :

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    Thanks Leo.

    If anyone at GPWA ever has any such concerns in the future, don't hesitate to PM me or call us directly at our office:

    +1-514-849-8595 x.4 to speak to the affiliate team.


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