FortuneJack asks the crypto community to vote for the next coin to be added to one of the largest crypto casinos as deposit and withdraw method. Coin Primaries is the next big community project by the casino that established its name as one of the most community-oriented players on the market.

"One of our favorite aspects of cryptocurrencies is the way communities can have on their development, application, and ultimate success. This is a trait unique to decentralized currencies by definition, as a huge part of their value lies within their democratic and egalitarian opportunities." -Says Casino Representative, Nina Kacharava.

With that in mind and as part of casino's commitment to incorporate community involvement in FortuneJack's ongoing development, FortuneJack is inviting members to vote for the next banking method we'll introduce to our crypto casino.

FortuneJack is hoping to create a true win-win situation with coin owners, opening up their crypto to a whole new market. Every day, well over 300 crypto bets are made per second, and over half of monthly crypto transactions are betting related. This means a coin being added to crypto casino can actively reward adopters by both keeping the currency moving and encouraging adoption.

Further, gambling is a fun and exciting way to make a profit if you bet responsibly. Setting time limits, budgets, goals, and developing good strategies are all great ways to practice responsible gaming. In fact, gambling responsibly is the only type of betting FJ supports. While casino can only guarantee complete fairness, the players who set limits and develop familiarity with the games experience hours of fun and big payouts, every day.

Which of These Four will Join Our Bitcoin Casino?
The first four cryptocurrencies FortuneJack members can vote on are…
• Tron
• Verge
• Ethereum Classic

Cast your vote - ( on which one it will be! Unite with your fellow community members and show your support by flooding your preferred choice with votes. And after the Coin Primaries, the crypto with the most votes will be a deposit and withdrawal method within two months.

No Bitcoin casino is truly doing the crypto community justice when BTC is the only option. With well-loved features like FortuneJack's "Provably Fair" system on top of adding the coins our community wants the most, this is blockchain betting done right.

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