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    Default W3 Validator Issues - Seeking Help

    Recently ran our main site through and there are 3 dozen errors.

    Most of them are probably trivial and exist because the theme we use is ancient.

    There are a couple however that require some attention (2 unclosed divs I can't seem to fix for example)

    I would like to have as many of these errors fixed as possible, but I find myself low on time and therefore I was hoping someone in the community who is adept at troubleshooting would be so kind as to offer their paid services.

    Here are 2 screenshot examples of some of the issues I'm looking at:

    These are likely template/css related issues mostly...

    These are issues I referred to above that have arisen as our theme is 15+ years old and many of these things have become obsolete. I simply don't know or have time to research if I need to replace this code or if it can be simply deleted and forgotten:

    Again, happy to pay for help with these issues and if we work well together, there is likely more crap like this that can be fixed/tweaked if one wants the work
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    I would start at the very least with changing your tables rows and td's if needed by adding classes and then moving the css to external instead of inline.

    This would tidy up the code a little bit on the pages, but it would be pretty time consuming to go through all the pages to change them.

    For the javascript errors, if you need to keep the scripts for functions on the pages, if you can move them external.


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