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    Default Wager profits launches

    Hi Guys

    I have some great news Wager Profits has just added a new merchant it is called

    Pay No Rake is the only poker site in the world solely dedicated to rakeback, by sending your players to Pay No Rake they will earn the highest rakeback in the industry, and as an affiliate promoting Pay No Rake you will have amazing earning potential.

    The way it works is as follows:

    Rakeback paid at 1am EST

    The rake back will be reset to $0 at 12 (midnight) EST

    Players can view the current rakeback standing and also see how many hands they need to play to move to the next level by using the most advanced real time rakeback calculator in the poker world its called the RAKE - O - METER.

    You players will have the chance to earn up to 100% rakeback in a 24 hour period click on the following link to view the rakeback levels:

    As affiliate you will be paid 50% of earning so for example if a player hits 70% rakeback in a 24 hour period we will split the remaining 30% with you 50/50, as well as the poker rake Pay No Rake will also pay you 50% of any casino game losses.

    We can create exclusive bonus codes for you site but a player will not earn rakeback until the bonus has been cleared.

    Sorry no US or Turkish players.

    We are accepting application from affiliates to promote Pay No Rake, if you are currently an affiliate of Wager Profits all you need to do is log into you account and select you banners ect, if you are not currently an affiliate of Wager Profits then please open an account on the following link:

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me via one of the methods below or send me a PM.

    Many thanks

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