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    Thumbs down Warning!! Old Domain Appraisel Scam Resurfaces

    Please be on your guard if you have a domain listed for sale anywhere, especially Sedo.

    If you get the following email.......DELETE IT, because it is a new version of an old scam. (I got this yesterday)


    I represent an investor from Canada who needs for hisproject.

    The buyer is a professional investor.

    I located your contact information in a domain name whois lookup and understandthat you own the domain name.

    Are you still interested in selling?

    If you have more names I can help you to sell them.

    Best Regards,

    Frederick Shapiro


    Domain Names Department

    123-REG UK Hosting

    This scam and various other versions have been going for years and most of us are fully aware of it, but this version may catch a few people out (Some good posts about it here)

    BTW. I replied to this email asking what his client was offering, and only realized it was a scam when I read the reply below.... then I did some digging.

    best to sell your domain at the highest price possible.

    My buyer invests money in web projects. He buys 5-15 domains for each project to get the maximum traffic possible. After that he sells developed web sites and make a good profit.

    The buyer will pay you the appraised value. He needs an independent expertise because you and me are interested in a high sale price and my buyer does not want to overpay.

    Based on my experience, I think your name is in $15,000 - $20,000 range.

    Do you have a certificate of the appraised value from an independent authority (not your broker or auction site)?

    If you don't have it's not a problem. You can order it online. I will suggest the best source when we can get a good valuation.

    The certificate will increase the value of your domain. It's a must do if you wish to sell your domain to a professional investor with a good budget.

    The certificate must include only 2 things to be accepted by my buyer:

    1. Independent valuation of the market price. Only manual valuation is accepted. No valuations generated by scripts.

    2. Trademark infringement verification. It proves your domain has no trademark problems. He would like this verification to be included in the appraisal report. It's not a problem because some companies include the TM verification for free.

    You can read about the recommended certification agency at Google Answers: xx (“Domain Broker” is my nickname there).

    The process is very easy and will take only two minutes of your time:

    1. Go to the certificate agency site and submit your domain for the certification. Please let them know you have a buyer with $XX,XXX offer. It will help you to get a better valuation. In the comment field please ask them to guarantee that the appraised value will be higher than the appraisal service fee. In this case you will not risk to pay and get a low appraisal. I suggest you this company because they protect you as the seller from getting a low appraised value. They will send you the payment instruction only if your domain is worth $1,000 or higher. Otherwise your request will be declined and you will not pay them anything. Other companies does not offer this option.

    2. If your request will be approved, please pay them the fee and wait for 24 hours. Then send me the results via email and we will start the sale process. As soon as he receives your certificate, he will buy your domain via an escrow service. Any escrow service will be able to pay you via Paypal, Wire, Western Union or any other method you prefer.

    He wants to ensure the safe delivery of the funds to you. Furthermore, since this is our first time conducting any business, I believe that using a third-party escrow service can provide a safe, well defined sale process.

    If you are new to certifications or domain sales, I can send you step by step instructions. I will also help you during the whole sale process. You will be able to contact me at any time.


    Be careful ....Andy

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    Thank you for the heads up.

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    Yep, I got caught by one of these scams years and years ago when I was still very green in the industry.... It was a lesson learnt!

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    I was caught by a similar scam years ago too! Once bitten and all that.

    Remember the seller should NEVER have to give an appraisal - it would be too easy to give a good one or plain lie about how good something is. If the BUYER feels they need one, they get it sorted themselves to assure their piece of mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doolally View Post
    Once bitten and all that.
    Oh no...they didn't get your toes did they?

    Whew....I refreshed the page and see they are ok.....

    Man these scammers keep recreating and refreshing the old scams over and over don't they?


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