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    Default We always hear about fraud control on players.. but what about the bookies?

    Many times I have come onto this site and seen xxx account suspended due to fraud type movements.. too many bonuses, too many sign ups etc.. Now I'm sure there are a few affiliates here in my circumstances.. I deal with a few bookies and push a lot of traffic.. and understand the accounts very well.. So I know when a client that's depositing 2.5k per week.. then all of a sudden stats don't work and don't show losses then a email from aff manager saying he cashed out without even wagering "and 4 times the amount deposited" bug etc.. I know you are taking me for a ride..

    Also I have you in the top ten results for your own keywords.. and im so tempted just to blow this company up apart though I do not have any solid evidence "receipts etc or even numbers" but im 99% certain they are dipping!

    If I was a newbie that got lucky then they might get away with it.. however I know my game, I won't mention names because I work as a business and don't want current programs to worry... however I will be cutting you guys off.. and that 10k is chump change in Football season..

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