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    Smile We are selling poker network

    Websites are sold in one bundle!

    Questions? please mail to ( no answers on forum! )

    The first site was launched in 2006 and the whole network has
    always been built with the long-term in mind. For us, this means no blackhat tricks, but a
    focus on high-quality articles and no link buying. The network is supported by various
    web 2.0 pages and links have always been built in a ‘clean way’. So no link trading, but
    instead press releases, self-owned directory’s, social media and social bookmarking. All
    manually built and no low-quality links built with the help of automation software. The
    websites in the MPC Poker network are maintained by a team of (ex-)professional poker
    players and SEO experts. A focus on other gambling niches in 2012 is the cause of a
    drop in PR and traffic on some sites, but with a bit of effort these sites can achieve
    higher Google rankings and traffic fast.

    English Websites

    Site 1:
    -PR: 1
    -Alexa: 580,000
    -Number of indexed pages: 2030.
    -550 unique articles
    -Since 2007
    -Visitors: Between 10K – 50K unique visitors a month
    -Includes an active PR4 Facebook Fanpage with 8000 fans, lot of them active
    -Includes PR2 Twitter account with 1230 followers
    -Includes a social community forum with 1320 members

    Extra info: has been rebuilt in beginning of 2012 with a very speedy and
    customized Wordpress theme focused on new web standards with rating function,
    Facebook login and an innovative forum. has a great linkprofile with many social shares and several articles went
    viral in the past which gave links from authorative newspaper websites and poker
    forums all over the world. An example is the article
    the-500000-father-or-son which received 172 Facebook likes and links from a great
    variety of sources. was the first to bring the news internationally.

    Site 2:
    -PR: 1
    -Alexa: N/A
    -Since 2006
    -Number of indexed pages: 12600
    -No stats
    Extra info:
    Includes a PR4 Youtube Channel with uniquely made videos and a total of over 740,000

    Site 3:
    -PR: 1
    -Alexa: 6,000,000
    -Since 2006
    -Focus on very strong strategy articles, written by professional players
    -PR 2 Facebook page with 270 fans

    Site 4:
    -Alexa: 13,000,000
    -Since 2008

    Site 5:
    Poker directory

    Site 6:
    Poker job site, ranked top 5 for a long time on search terms ‘poker job’ and ‘poker jobs’.
    Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter account included.

    Site 7:
    PR1, redirects to

    Site 8:
    PR1, redirects to

    Site 9:
    PR0, redirects to

    Site 10:
    Great, catchy domain name
    -Since 2010
    Unique articles and professionally designed logo. Site and domain were meant for an
    online poker room.

    Site 11:
    PR 1, redirects to

    Site 12:
    Site with one landing page

    Site 13:
    Site with one landing page

    Site 14:
    Site with one landing page

    Site 15:
    Redirects to

    Site 16:
    PR1, redirects to

    Site 17:
    Redirects to

    Dutch Websites
    The Dutch market has always been an important market for the MPC Poker network.

    Site 18 :
    -PR: 3
    -Alexa: 476,741 Dutch Alexa: 9,177
    -Number of indexed pages: 1310
    -550 unique articles
    -Since 2008
    -Visitors: Average 3K unique visitors a month
    -Includes an active PR2 Facebook Fanpage with 100 fans
    -Includes PR2 Twitter account with 600 followers
    -Second page in for ‘poker’ for over 2 years

    Site 19:
    -PR: 3
    -Alexa: 1,485,810
    -150 unique articles, focus on strategy. Written by professional players
    -Since 2008
    -Average 3K unique visitors a month
    -Ranks well in Google, for example nr 12 in for ‘rakeback’

    Site 20:
    -PR: 2

    Site 21:
    -Nr 1 for search term ‘gratis poker bonus’ (translated ‘free poker bonus’)

    Site 22:
    -PR: 1

    Site 23:
    -PR: 1

    Site 24:
    Poker directory with unique articles

    Site 25:
    Site with one page of text

    German Website

    Site 26:
    -PR: 1
    -Several of the best articles from our own English sites translated to German by a
    professional translator

    Portuguese Website

    Site 27:
    -Nr 1 position in both and for ‘poquer bonus’

    Questions? please mail to ( no answers on forum! )

    Consultancy Dutch Market • Marketing Strategy • Affiliate marketing • Search engine optimization advice and internet strategies • Customer Service • Sales and Conversion • Social media marketing and management • Media buy • Formats and multimedia concepts • Licenses • Web development and Web design -

    Follow us: Facebook - Twitter - Google+

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    I have added you over skype, would like to know more information regarding your network. Will also send you an email how ever.


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