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    Default What would you do?

    I'd like to create a new site and promote sportsbooks. I have only one domain related to betting:, registered in 2017.

    I'm not strong in seo, but I suppose it could be good one.

    The problem I see is that I would rather build a multilingual site and the domain name sounds too English.

    In a such case, would you buy a fresh domain or is OK.

    Thank you!

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    I would personally keep building up on the current website and I would add languages to it. I've done this with my portal site at the very top of the index page using world flags.

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    I would not start promoting sportsbooks now. And not multi-lingual. And not if I were weak in SEO.

    It kind of reminds me my fails, e.g. how I bought a pizzaria with zero experience in restaurant business, during economic crisis in a country where I did not speak the language or knew the specifics of economy and customers. In the end it ended well. I lost my money and my ex-partner, but I got the experience. Which is non-transferable, so sorry for the rant.
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    I think an older site is better than a new one - at least in the first year.

    Your name does not have a 'presence' so at least it is not tainted.

    But if you are targeting non-english traffic you better do a translate search on bookies - I did a few quick ones, and in Albania it translates to "libralidhje". Sounds like "libra" for library and the zodiac.

    Also a google search for "what is libralidhje" came up with nothing.

    Unless you are planning on a general bookie site ( which will take a LOT of work to stand out) I would suggest getting a domain name more directed to your intended content.

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    I don't like multisites, but that's from my experience. Speaking about domain name - it looks good for the start!

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