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    Default What you can do about getting hacked

    This is only for Wordpress sites but some rules apply to php sites.

    A client of mine got hacked a few weeks back, plugins being disabled all of a sudden. Took a quick look and I noticed he had a ton of plugins installed (94 to be exact!).

    The irony is that about 2-3 plugins were meant to prevent hacking, tip 1: don't install plugins that prevent hacking.

    Quick lesson here, be brutal about your choice of plugin, install only what you really need. Those SEO plugins that just monitor, I would chop those and use Google Analytics or a 3rd party solution.

    If u get hacked and need to clean out, the following worked for me:

    - Delete any unused themes & plugins

    - Go over the ones you're keeping, by that I mean open some of the php files and check for malicious code. You'll know it when u see it. The first line will be extremely long, this is what disables the plugin or theme

    - Replace your Wordpress files with a fresh set, you will need skip the wp-content folder and your wp-config.php file (make sure you check it)

    - By now you should be clean, you can copy and paste the first 20 characters of the malicious code and search your whole site to find any missed files

    - Then follow the Wordpress Harden guide, just google "harden Wordpress"

    - Activate your plugins etc so your site is up

    - And my final piece of advice is to backup your site using Wordpress Vault, at like 3 bucks a month you get piece of mind that you don't need to do the whole procedure again. Alternatively commit your whole site to Bitbucket (free private repo) or Github

    If the hack comes back, it probably means you missed it in a file or you have a vulnerability in a plugin you have.

    Hope this helps!

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