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    Default Why does "Refer Back" apdate his stats in real tim

    Why does refer back apdate his stats in real time if they are hits or downloads but they take their time if they are signups (either "for fun" or "for real") or deposits? Very strange indeed........

    It doesn't make much sense its all about numbers....

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    It has alot to do with part of the stats reporting being "real time" (hits and downloads) while the other info plugged into your stats comes from Microgaming and there is a three day lag in the delivery of information. Perhaps longer... I know it takes 3 days for the information to be sent by Microgaming and processed by the individual casinos. Maybe the info has to go from Microgaming to the casinos themselves and then to Referback. Remember - Referback is NOT the casinos. Its a marketing company representing the casinos.

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