So it all began once PokerStars new owners pulled off a massive scam and changed their own TOS by claiming that lifetime revenue from their invited players will no longer exist and affiliates will only be paid for the first few years.
Then Partypoker/GVC started doing the same, however, at least you get some crubs after a 3-year period and they might reconsider this if affiliates keep complaining (maybe).
GVC should have kept paying old rates for the old players, by pulling such move overnight they could have caused massive issues to affiliates who were getting most of their income from their brand (same with Stars). What if a person has children, has other serious commitments? You can't just do it out of nowhere, very unethical and unprofessional. Atleast pay those affiliates a lump sum based on their performance.

And 888Poker, famous for their CPA only offers, now started paying rev. share but for the first 2 years only.

If is a new player, 2-3 years are not even enough for a player to turn from a complete newbie into a high-roller who rakes massive amounts.
Plus, other sites can attract affiliates by providing lifetime deals. So these limitations make no sense and look very shady, especially once you lose your old players/agreed percentage.

What do you think?