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    Default Women better sports bettors than men?

    Buzzy remembers reading about the recent study that seemed to conclude that Internet gambling doesn't allways lead to compulsive gambling, but to be honest, Buzzy hasn't read the study.

    But the Chicago Tribune did. And they discovered some interesting secondary findings ... women are better at sports betting than men (Buzzy does not want to reveal his/her gender, so he will refrain from commenting).

    Another interesting finding is that people who make big bets are better at picking winners than those who make small ones. That's not to say they don't lose more on the whole, just that they tend to lose a smaller percentage.

    Read the rest of the findings here ...

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    Default great post!

    ok, you caught me off guard on that one. I didn't see that one coming.

    I read the article, and I like the following quote:

    The study, which received funding from Bwin, cast doubt on assertions that online gaming is addictive.
    I agree with that, BUT the average person would look at it and see that the sponsor for the study is BWIN. It's almost like saying the "Banana Farmers of America" sponsored a study saying that bananas increases life expectancy. (I didn't want to use smoking analogy )

    This pretty much suggest that women gamble more intensly, and with more. This seems like the profile you want. So, a sportsbook portal with a more feminine feel would be feasible. Interesting.


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