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    Default WordPress Hosting Facilities

    Hi folks I wanted to reach out to those of you using WordPress and see if you could make a recommendation of a hosting facility (Non US location) which has experience with WP. I have been to the WordPress camp shows and I have spoke to the vendors of several of the hosting companies and they all talk up a good story but then you research it and like all things you get lots of negative reports.

    Can anybody give me some recommendations? I am looking for a hosting site with lots of experience with the WordPress platform especially in the area of security. The names i have looked at include WP Engine, Site Ground, Blue Host and Dream Host. I would want a dedicated server but have them provide the ongoing security needed to keep a site hacker free, any input would be appreciated.



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    I definitely do not recommend Bluehost. They are quiet affordable however, for the past months, I have been having lots of issues with them. Almost everyday or so my sites become inaccessible for about 5 to 10 minutes. I have contacted them in this regards, and so far they can't figure out why. Currently in a process of finding a new hosting company as well

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    Brian, what about a managed server? I moved all my stuff from shared hoster to one nice machine. Fully (daily) backupīs, all patches and server security managed. Best choice ever. Its a german company, but speaking fluent english as well.

    WP shared hosting i can recommend cloud plans at ... uk based, gambling friendly and a good and fast support.

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    I understand you are looking for more of a managed solution, but by using one or a handful of basic plugins much of the wordpress related security can be handled.

    The server itself should be fairly well locked down when you rent it, and in most cases security on most managed situations whether dedicated or managed cloud should be a concern of just about any host. (I am sure that is why you are looking for recommendations)

    In reality most web servers should only ever answer to a very small list of ports (and 3306 is NOT one of them), and the majority of hacks come from weak passwords as well as coming from somewhere else on the private internal lan due to a server of a different client being compromised due to a weak password. Port 80 and 21 should really be the only two open, unless the server also does mail.

    One thing you can do is keep mail on a server you are already comfortable with and only put the web services on the new managed server.

    On many cases an un-managed dedicated will start in the neighborhood of $99 monthly but you may see a surcharge for managed.

    I will monitor this thread as I am always interested to see the answers to the questions you posed, and I may be able to help with specific questions in the future.


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    I have been using Cloudways Cloud WordPress hosting for a long time and never faced any issue, I would suggest you to try them for the fastest WordPress hosting service.

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