Iíve recently started working at a Hungarian affiliate. Iím not entirely new to the business, because I used to work as a poker coach and writer for years, but I still learn quite some new things day-by-day.

I think the most important issue these days is the regulation in almost every country. In Hungary, we had a long process (which itself is a kind of Ďfunnyí story, if someone is interested I could write about it), where our government failed to put down a working solution to the problem, and our whole state is in a limbo. In theory, we have a regulated market where we have the law and the system where everyone can participate, but in practice companies cannot buy licenses. Some operators tried to sue our government, some just leaving. Meanwhile, our government tries to block the website of the rooms. They block some random pages for 90 days, then everything works fine.

I just wonder if thereís any other affiliate from our region and having the same problems. I would also like to establish connections with neighboring countries, because we have players almost everywhere, but I cannot say Iím always up-to-date with regulation policies everywhere.

Anyway, Iím glad Iíve found this site and hope for some good conversations in this topic.