Hi Guys,

There seems to be quite a lot of issues relating to geo-targeting / tracking etc

I have a big project in development which will also be boosted by an android & iOS app.

However the core features of my project will be as follows

Geo Targeting adverts ( even if the affiliate program directly doesn't feature geo adverts )
So only adverts that do not have the visitors location on the prohibited country list will be shown
This will reduce traffic wastage and increase conversions

Campaign tracking - There are a few tracking software companies out there however the prices vary quite dramatically
This software will track unlimited sources, unique clicks and will then also ( I hope ) match that click with a user registration.
This will allow you to track pretty much anything you want, from different buttons on your site, different FB ad campaigns, FB Group / Page posts, Twitter posts, articles etc . Pretty much anything you want to track can be

I am also going to be integrating overall site stats and integrate serp results etc

I originally created this for my own personal use but to be honest, I , like the vast majority of the members here are always helping each other out that
I decided I would ( once tested and proved itself ) , release this "system" for use by other affiliates

If this would be of interest to anyone please let me know below ( and also possibly suggest some features I may have missed that would be good to integrate )

Sorry about the poor formatting, again I'm having to access the site via a proxy and it messes everything up