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Affinity Marketing
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 50, August 2021
AffiliateINSIDER's Lee-Ann Johnstone breaks down the concept of Affinity Marketing and how this emerging, emotion-based strategy can help turn your site's visitors into brand loyalists.

Virtual Events: The New Reality
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 48, December 2020
As the 2020 calendar of live events was wiped out by COVID-19, the iGaming industry pivoted to virtual events. Lee-Ann Johnstone explains why and how you need to learn to make the most of the "new normal" of networking and lead generation.

Affiliate marketing: The future is bright
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 47, July 2020
Despite the potentially long-lasting ramifications of COVID-19, the iGaming affiliate space is still bursting with long-term potential for those with the right technology, plan and partners in place.

3 secrets to success in the iGaming affiliate industry
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 45, October 2019
Lee-Ann Johnstone reveals three essentials to getting your business on the right path for success and profitability.

Relationship status: It's complicated
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 43, February 2019
Lee-Ann Johnstone shares her top tips for making the affiliate-affiliate manager partnership a healthy one and illustrates why it's crucial for both sides to work together to grow revenue.

Let's make a deal!
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 42, October 2018
Lee-Ann Johnstone breaks down what you need to do before, during and after a negotiation to secure the affiliate deals you deserve.

Income Access: Lee-Ann Johnstone
Interview with Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)
VP of Business Development & Marketing Lee-Ann Johnstone breaks down Paysafe's acquisition of Income Access and explains its impact on the industry.

Interview with Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)
NETELLER works with affiliates and operators to provide payment processing for online gaming.