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5 Big Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2023
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 55, February 2023
As the calendar turns to a new year, Lee-Ann Johnstone looks into her crystal ball and predicts what to expect in the coming months and how the iGaming industry should respond.

10 Questions Every Affiliate Should Ask
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 52, March 2022
Lee-Ann Johnstone provides 10 questions that all affiliates should be prepared to ask before beginning a new partnership.

Affinity Marketing
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 50, August 2021
Lee-Ann Johnstone breaks down the concept of Affinity Marketing and how this emerging, emotion-based strategy can help turn your site's visitors into brand loyalists.

Virtual Events: The New Reality
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 48, December 2020
As the 2020 calendar of live events was wiped out by COVID-19, the iGaming industry pivoted to virtual events. Lee-Ann Johnstone explains why and how you need to learn to make the most of the "new normal" of networking and lead generation.

Affiliate marketing: The future is bright
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 47, July 2020
Despite the potentially long-lasting ramifications of COVID-19, the iGaming affiliate space is still bursting with long-term potential for those with the right technology, plan and partners in place.

3 secrets to success in the iGaming affiliate industry
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 45, October 2019
Lee-Ann Johnstone reveals three essentials to getting your business on the right path for success and profitability.

Relationship status: It's complicated
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 43, February 2019
Lee-Ann Johnstone shares her top tips for making the affiliate-affiliate manager partnership a healthy one and illustrates why it's crucial for both sides to work together to grow revenue.

Let's make a deal!
By Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)  - Issue 42, October 2018
Lee-Ann Johnstone breaks down what you need to do before, during and after a negotiation to secure the affiliate deals you deserve.

Income Access: Lee-Ann Johnstone
Interview with Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)
VP of Business Development & Marketing Lee-Ann Johnstone breaks down Paysafe's acquisition of Income Access and explains its impact on the industry.

Interview with Lee-Ann Johnstone (Lee-Ann)
NETELLER works with affiliates and operators to provide payment processing for online gaming.