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It's "go time" for gamer gambling
By Nick Garner (Nickg)  - Issue 45, October 2019
Nick Garner explains why there is so much potential for gamer gambling and what iGaming affiliates should be doing to take advantage.

The 22 Immutable Laws of (Affiliate) Marketing
By Nick Garner (Nickg)  - Issue 42, October 2018
Nick Garner explains how iGaming affiliates can save time and prosper by understanding and following these valuable commandments.

Links are dead: Long live links
By Nick Garner (Nickg)  - Issue 41, July 2018
You can no longer rank on links alone. But here's the catch: You still need links to gain visibility. Nick Garner explains the why and the how.

The GPWA speaks
By celena (celena) , Giulio Coraggio, hcgroup (hcgroup) , Lorien Pilling, Luke Spacey (Luke Affalliance) , Michael Litson (catchingsmoke) , Nick Garner (Nickg) , Renee Mate (Renee) , sweetbet (sweetbet) , Triple7 (Triple7)  - Issue 40, February 2018
GPWA members and contributors predict what's to come for the iGaming affiliate industry in 2018.

The content marketing myth
By Nick Garner (Nickg)  - Issue 38, July 2017
It's often said that content, content and more content is vital to driving traffic to and monetizing an affiliate website. But when it comes to the iGaming industry, engagement — not content — is the real king.

Trust and trust optimization: The new SEO discipline
By Nick Garner (Nickg)  - Issue 31, February 2015
SEO expert Nick Garner explains the philosophy behind Google's trust rankings and gives webmasters tips to rise in those ranks.

Mobile SEO and affiliates
By Nick Garner (Nickg)  - Issue 31, February 2015
Mobile SEO is so important to affiliates. Nick Garner explains how improving the user experience will attract visitors.