Each commandment written by a different webmaster.

1. Thou shalt not send my traffic to other portals.

2. Thou shalt not answer email with vague answers, incomplete sentences, or outright lies.

3. Thou shalt not make outrageous minimums for commission payments ($500)!

4. Thou shalt not shave webmaster profits.

5. Thou shalt not attempt to pass off minuscule stats packages as state of the art!

6. Thou shalt not ignore an affiliates email and shall respond promptly.

7. Thou must remember that before a webmaster is BIG he must be small . Treat them all equally well and ye shall prosper.

8. Thou shalt inform thy affiliates of alterations BEFORE they occur.

9. Thou shalt pay at the beginning of the month.

10. A Thou shalt not run and hide when confronted with thine debauchery.

10. B Thou shalt bend over and be dealt with as thine self has dealt with others!

10. C Thou shalt not send continuous e-mails about a program. No thanks, I don't want to sign up for it.

10.C.(i) especially when you're already an affiliate.

10.C.(ii) Thou shalt practice what thou preacheth.

10.C.(ii).a Thou shalt not tell different lies to different webmasters; if thou must lie, thou must be consistent!

10.C.(ii).b. Thou shalt not refuseth to honor promotions, changeth promotion conditions midstream, nor delayeth awarding bonuses and/or payments to thy players and thy webmasters.

10.C.(ii).c. Thou shalt offer each and every player, member, and affiliate the exact same opportunity for success - e.g. provide a level playing field for all!